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Reflexology and the Living, Loving Woman

This new ninety-minute Reflexology Program by Ann Gillanders addresses the health and lifestyle issues most important to women today.  It provides self-help methods of health improvement for women of all ages, from the youngest baby to the oldest senior citizen. Ann's descriptions and detailed on-camera demonstrations show her own proven techniques for treating a variety of ailments and maintaining a high level of wellness through all the major stages of life. Here you can learn Reflexology techniques and give relaxing, health promoting treatments to
patients, family or friends TODAY. 

Ann's new program has the same lush tropical seaside setting as her first video, shot on the island of Maui in Hawaii.  This time Ann has chosen a gorgeous botanical garden by the bay in Sarasota, Florida.

Ann starts the program with a short review of Reflexology from the practitioner's standpoint, then moves right into demonstrations of the methods she has found to be most effective for her patients.  Working with women and children from each major age group, she gives details of the techniques she uses to treat specific physical problems and promote overall good health.

Graphics appear on the screen to show the exact areas Ann is treating. Ann's
Fun Foot Facts and vignettes between demonstrations keep the program moving quickly..

Ann first addresses the life of a woman even before birth, showing treatments that promote fertility and conception. These are important mental and physical preparations for both men and women, for the most fulfilling experience of their lives. The treatments for infertility are especially interesting because this is a growing problem in the Western world.

Ann's holistic approach includes attention to diet, emotional factors, physical fitness, awareness of harmful environmental elements, and the balance, normalization and stimulation of the hormonal system.

Next are Ann's techniques for care during pregnancy, and on through childbirth.  She discusses breast feeding, and treatments a new mother can give her baby when typical problems of early development appear.  She then talks about the special needs of energetic toddlers moving out and exploring the world, on through the stress on young children of leaving home to start school.  Ann shows ways to strengthen the immune system to deal with infectious diseases, and perhaps more important – ways to stimulate the ability to learn.

The special problems of adolescent children through the teen years are in the next part. Ann discusses the emotional turbulence, hormonal and physical changes during puberty, and the assault of junk foods.  Reflexology methods for dealing with the specific problems of acne and the onset of menstruation are of particular interest to teens and parents alike.
For the mature woman, Ann discusses stress-related conditions and their affect on body and mind. Anxiety relief and the problems of PMS top the list.  She talks about the effect of hormone-affecting contraceptives.  She also examines the common problems of endometriosis and cystitis

In the later mature years, women face the transition of menopause and the attendant physical and hormonal changes.  Sleep pattern disturbances, hot flashes, irritability, fluid retention, weight gain, loss of confidence or self-esteem, and the changes in function of muscles and joints are all addressed.  Emotional stresses such as "empty nest syndrome" can cause profound depression that can be avoided or relieved.  Likewise, osteoporosis and the pain of arthritis are both preventable and treatable using Reflexology.

At the end of the program Ann shows how to do a complete Reflexology treatment, used when treating all of these specific problems.


Reflexology and the Living, Loving Woman won the Cindy Award in the Health, Fitness and Nutrition division, presented by the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators.  Other winners were ABC, PBS, The Smithsonian, NASA, A&E Network, Merrill-Lynch, and IBM.

It also won the Telly Award in Health and Medicine. The Telly  is one of the most prestigious awards in the television industry, with awards also going to Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Video, NBC and National Geographic.

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